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X-ray Optics & Sources

XOS develops and manufactures X-ray and neutron optics for material composition and thin film analysis

For more than 20 years, XOS has been providing high-quality polycapillary and DCC X-ray optics to both academic and industrial customers worldwide for a variety of applications. XOS also offers more comprehensive solutions like fleX-Beam® and DCC X-Beam that integrate X-ray optics with X-ray sources. These advanced X-ray optics and sources greatly improve the measurement speed, precision, and sensitivity of the X-ray analytical instruments or systems, mainly due to the significantly increased X-ray flux density and spectral purity.

XOS optics are widely used in high-end X-ray analytical instruments made by industry-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Our industry experts work closely with customers to optimize instrument design and performance for a variety of challenging and pioneering applications. The following are examples of applications in different industries and research fields:

  • Plating thickness measurement on fine-pitch features for quality control in printed circuit board and micro-electronics industry
  • Parallel-beam WDS on scanning electron microscope
  • Synchrotron beamline research (XRF, XAS, XRD)
  • Confocal XRF
  • Residual stress analysis
  • Texture measurement
  • Protein crystallography
  • Thin-film characterization tools in semiconductor industry
  • High-definition XRF using monochromatic excitation
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