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Multi Element Benchtop

Multi Element Benchtop
XOS offers multi-element XRF benchtop analyzers for industries like petroleum and consumer products safety. Imagine a smarter analysis solution free of compromise: easy sample prep and operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, and industry-leading precision. Powered by HDXRF, these analyzers deliver direct measurement without the need for consumable gasses or sample conversion.

Petra MAX delivers D4294 sulfur analysis in addition to 12 elements from P to Zn, for rapid monitoring of critical elements like Ca, Fe, K, Ni, and V at sub-ppm levels.

Sindie +Cl is a two-in-one analyzer delivering sulfur plus chlorine analysis. It is the ideal solution for refineries and independent labs to certify sulfur levels in finished products and assess chlorine for corrosion mitigation, all with one instrument.

Sindie +Pb delivers sulfur plus lead analysis in applications from ultra low sulfur diesel and gasoline to heavy fuel oil and crude.

Consumer Products Safety
HD Prime is ideal for rapid screening and precise determination of toxic elements in children's products in a user-friendly and cost-effective manner. Manufacturers, testing labs, retailers, and government agencies can confidently document compliance to ever-changing global regulations.