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Returns Policy

Normal business transactions may require the occasional return of merchandise for exchange or credit. If you wish to return merchandise, you must first obtain XOS' express, written consent, and include proper documentation.

Returns Procedure (USA)

To expedite return shipments from within the United States, please follow the return procedure outlined here:
  1. Within 30 days of receipt of merchandise, call the Customer Service Department at 1.518.880.1500 to obtain Return Authorization.
  2. XOS will send you Return Authorization documentation, labels, and instructions, or provide you with a Return Authorization number.
  3. Attach Return Authorization labels and documents to the outside of the shipping carton(s) or clearly indicate the Return Authorization number on the carton(s), as directed. Ship carton(s) to XOS within 15 days. Shipments not bearing Return Authorization labels or a Return Authorization number will be refused.
Customers outside the USA may contact their local distributor or call 1.518.880.1500 for information and instructions about returns.