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Supplier Quality and Supplier Information

Quality materials, exacting standards, excellent workmanship, and a commitment to Continuous Improvement are elements that distinguish XOS. The goals we have set for ourselves and our suppliers to achieve these elements are:

  • 100% Quality Product
  • 100% On Time Delivery
  • Zero Defect Culture with a Focus on Continuous Improvement

XOS cannot achieve these goals without the support and expertise of our suppliers. Our suppliers are vital to our success. The purpose in presenting this manual is to assist suppliers in promoting Continuous Improvements in Quality, Delivery, and Cost (Q, D, and C.)

The XOS Quality Policy is:

XOS will consistently exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement of product, quality, on-time delivery, customer service and the quality management system.

Our quality policies extend to our suppliers. We are committed to build and maintain a profitable partnership with our suppliers that result in a timely and cost effective launch of products and materials that meet the defined performance standards, plant assembly needs, overall customer satisfaction, governmental and regulatory agency requirements.

XOS Supplier Quality Manual:

XOS Supplier Quality Appendices: