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X-ID Sample Cups - Bag of 100

Series: 403439-01
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X-ID Sample Cups include a unique identifier tracking code for sample tracking with Petra Autosampler analyzers. This product can be used with any XRF instrument that has a traditional XRF sample cup basket. Sample tracking capabilities only available in Petra Series.

SpectroSulfur(R) XRF Sample Cups
Chemplex(R) CAT. NO. 1850
Made in U.S.

Outside Diameter: 1.69"" (42.9mm)
Max O.D.: 1.87"" (47.5mm)
Aperture: 1.41"" (35.8mm)
Vol: 13
Height: 0.77"" (19.6mm)

(R) SpectroSulfur and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.