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Virtual Discussions and Individualized Petroleum Elemental Analyzer Demonstrations


We know this is a challenging time industry-wide. So, whether you’re an existing XOS customer or simply have application and/or product questions, we’re here to help. We receive varying inquiries around specific applications, sample preparation, method details, and more on a regular basis. Our application scientists eat, sleep, and breath this stuff —they love helping people and sharing their knowledge.

Virtual Chats: Looking to pick our brains? Simply provide some information about what you’d like to chat about in the comments section of the form and we’ll be in touch to set up time to talk.

Tailored Demo: Select from our list of products and provide some information around your application. You can even send us your own samples and tailor your demo!


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Meet the XOS Applications Experts


Leslie McHenry (née Johnson) has over 19 years’ experience in the Petroleum industry; 11 as an XOS Apps Scientist and 8 as a petroleum chemist in a refinery. She’s an active contributor to ASTM International, sharing authorship of several ASTM XRF test methods.


Julian Doug van Berkum recently joined the XOS team as a Technical Sales & Apps Specialist. Julian has 10 years’ experience in the Petroleum industry; 5 as a chemical analyst working with various analytical techniques and 3 as a manager at a third-party lab.


Bridget Chartrand has been with XOS for over three years, where she started in XRF production and was promoted to Applications Scientist. Bridget has been an active member of ASTM throughout her applications role.