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Preventive Maintenance PLUS

Series: PMBT2018
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Prevent instrument downtime and ensure maximum performance of your critical systems with planned maintenance. Preventive Maintenance PLUS is not just a PM visit. It’s a PM PLUS additional benefits, such as on-site user training, software updates, and instrument calibration.

Preventive Maintenance Service
Preventive maintenance is essential to increase instrument reliability, ensure peak performance, and extend instrument life. We replace the most common wear parts including the primary window, fan filter and a vacuum pump rebuild. We also perform software updates and thoroughly clean your instrument. Labor and travel included.

Trusted Service Team
The XOS Service Team delivers unrivaled technical and application support that you can trust. We’re here to answer your questions.

On-Site Operator Training
While on-site, our service technician will provide basic maintenance, instrument operation, and best practices training to new staff and/or existing users.

Annual Radiation Survey
Many state regulations require a radiation survey annually, or following any service or relocation of the equipment. We will check your instrument for proper shielding and interlock function to ensure it meets XOS safety specifications.

Performance Evaluation and Calibration
Your certified service engineer will do a thorough instrument check-up and calibration to ensure your system delivers peak performance.