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Monitor Chlorine Better to Prevent Refinery Corrosion

Monitoring Chlorine to Prevent Refinery Corrosion PDF

Why refiners need to be looking at total chlorine

In this application note on monitoring chlorine to prevent refinery corrosion, you will learn how MWDXRF technology and Accu-Flow can significantly impact your anti-corrosion efforts. Some of the content that this information-rich document features:

  • Many refiners rely on semi-periodic testing of inorganic chlorides to get the job done.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology has traditionally been an ineffective tool for the measurement of total chlorides in crude oil, due to the settling of inorganic chloride salts during the measurement process.
  • The Clora Accu-Flow uses continuous injection of crude oil during the sample measurement, eliminating the settling of inorganic chloride salts and allowing for the direct measurement of total chlorine.

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