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X-Beam: Superflux™ MF

X-BeamThe X-Beam Superflux™ MF provides a fully integrated monochromatic beam solution including and air-cooled X-ray source coupled to a doubly curved crystal focusing optic for micro X-ray fluorescence applications including, but not limited to, in-situ and in-line process monitoring, small particle analysis, elemental mapping, and thin film metrology. Effective use of 50 watts generates a micro-sized focused beam with extremely high flux density while maintaining optimum beam alignment.

Typical Superflux MF Specifications:

Nominal Output Power 50W, 1 mA
Stability < 0.6% RSD over 8 hours, temperature independent
Ambient Operating Temperature 20 – 30 C
Cooling Mode Integrated forced air
Targets Cr, Cu, Mo, Rh, Ag
Optional Features Integrated shutter module, Integrated filter assembly
Focal spot size (FWHM) 50 – 500 µm (depending on source size, crystal material, and working distance)Typically, 55 x 65 µm2 @ Mo K± at a working distance of 55 mm
Flux ~107 – 108 photon/s
Gain (over pinhole at 100 mm from the source) > 1000x (depending on optic design)