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HD Mobile® Features & Benefits

Handheld XRF  spectrometer, HD Mobile ® extends the superior HDXRF standard for compliance out of the lab and into many different work environments with portable xrf. Now the precision and confidence of HDXRF analysis is available for use in portable or stationary applications — on the manufacturing floor, at the shipping dock, in the warehouse, or on the retail shelf.

HD Mobile Testing Image

No other portable analyzer offers the unique advantages of XOS technology. HD Mobile® delivers:

  • True CPSIA & RoHS compliance
  • Unprecedented limits of detection
  • Separate and simultaneous scan of coating and substrate
  • Robust audit trail
  • Pinpoint analysis plus ability to capture high-resolution sample image
  • Increase testing frequency while reducing cost
  • User-friendly interface and data management

Easy Switch from Hand Held to Stationary

HD Mobile® comes with an ingenious, easy-to-use smart case for flexible operation. Operate it with the scanner inside and you have a safe desk-stand mount. Remove the hand held from the case and take it with you to scan large objects or unusual shapes.

HD Mobile: for unprecedented precision in product and component analysis anywhere in the consumer supply chain.

See the HD Mobile in Action!