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XOS Custom Solutions

XOS works with industrial collaborators to develop products and take them to market; and with academic and government application experts to demonstrate the feasibility and value of new applications. See a brief overview of our product development activities.

Instrument designers call on XOS expertise in X-ray optics, systems, and application engineering. XOS is a valuable partner from design simulation and rapid prototyping to complete analytical engine implementation.

This expert support improves system performance and shortens development cycles. Count on better detection limits, smaller feature analysis, and reduced measurement time in laboratory or process analytical environments.

The XOS Technology Factor encompasses customized monochromatic or broad spectrum solutions, parallel or convergent beams, as well as enhanced spatial resolution with order of magnitude intensity gains.

Powerful XOS custom solutions for:

  • Thin Film Analysis
  • Customized Monochromatic Solutions
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Stress/Strain
  • Crystalline Structure/Phase Determination
  • Texture Analysis
  • Protein Crystallography