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XOS opens new applications laboratory to deliver high-quality user experiences through live demonstrations and training

ALBANY, N.Y., Nov. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — XOS, a leading manufacturer of application-specific X-ray analyzers, has announced the opening of a new applications laboratory to better support its customers. With the new applications lab, XOS is now offering live sample analysis demonstrations, instrument training, and technical support through onsite or virtual sessions.

“Our decision to create a new applications laboratory will greatly enhance our ability to respond to our customers’ needs,” stated Michael Palmer, Vice President of Sales for XOS. “This investment complements our state-of-the-art capabilities, enabling our team to closely support customers in optimizing their use of XOS instruments.”

XOS receives many demonstration requests from organizations around the world. With the new applications lab, we can now deliver virtual demonstrations in a dedicated space designed to perform live sample analysis with our various analyzers. Although we provide samples in-house, customers can send in their own to truly experience how our analyzers perform with their real-world samples. Customers can also experience multiple analyzers and choose the solution to best fit their needs.

Adjoining the applications lab is a new training facility where XOS associates can host training sessions for distributors, industry thought leaders, and customers. Training sessions can be performed in-person or via virtual meeting.

If you are interested in a tour of our new facility, or scheduling a training session or live demonstration, please contact us by calling 518-880-1512 or submit your request through our website.

About XOS
XOS is a leading manufacturer of application-specific X-ray analyzers, offering elemental analysis solutions that improve public safety and customer efficiency in industries like petroleum, consumer products, and environmental compliance. For petroleum applications, XOS offers portable, lab, and process analyzers with unrivaled precision at the push of a button. XOS also offers High Definition XRF (HDXRF®) analyzers for the detection of toxic elements in consumer products, such as toys and apparel and areas of environmental regulation, like soil and water. XOS’s advanced optics and OEM sub-systems can increase precision, speed, and spatial resolution, while decreasing the size, complexity, and cost of the instrument. XOS: better analysis counts www.xos.com