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XOS Launches First XRF Benchtop Autosampler with Sample Tracking and Continuous Flow

Albany, New York – XOS has announced the worldwide release of Petra Series Autosampler, an automatic sampler with sample tracking and continuous sample loading. The autosampler is an add-on feature to the Petra MAX and Petra 4294 analyzers launched by XOS in 2017.

Visit xos.com/PetraAS to learn more about Petra Series Autosampler.

Michael Palmer, Vice President of Sales for XOS, believes this will deliver the flexible and efficient workflow that users want and need. “After speaking with dozens of customers about the drawbacks of their carousel autosamplers, we created a novel design with sample tracking, continuous sample loading and customizable software features. This is truly the next-generation autosampler.”

Typical XRF benchtop automatic sampler systems, often known as a “carousel”, require users to manually enter each sample name into the system. This can result in data errors and in turn, rework. In addition, once the carousel has been loaded, it cannot be interrupted until the analyzer has finished analysis. This is not an ideal process for third-party test labs who work in a fast-paced environment and often receive urgent sample requests.

With the new Petra Series Autosampler, users simply scan the QR-coded sample cup with a handheld scanner and the analyzer scans the sample again when it reaches the measurement chamber, ensuring the correct sample name and measurement parameters are paired with results. Users can eliminate data errors and add urgent samples to the queue as needed. The Autosampler is an optional add-on feature and users have the option to use X-ID Sample Cups (QR-coded) or standard XRF cups.

Along with this launch, XOS is rolling out new Gen 4 software upgrade for Petra Series. This release offers novel features for a simple, intuitive operation including preset measurement configurations, streamlined custom calibration set-up, enhanced LIMS compatibility, and additional matrices like water and catalysts.