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Proimco Installs First Sulfur Analyzer in Spain, the Sindie On-Line

Proimco, a Mara Group company, installed for the first time in Spain a sulfur analyzer, the Sindie On-Line, from the American company XOS, a world-leader in sulfur analyzers. Starting with a demo over three months, CEPSA refinery in Huelva, Spain measured sulfur in diesel oil (finished type A, B and C). This analyzer, which uses no auxiliary gases for measurement, has a configurable range of 0-3000 ppm sulfur with an accuracy +/- 2 ppm. It has a direct measurement technique (not gasified or requiring a transformation of the sample for measurement), which provides much faster results than other sulfur analyzers. In this way, the plant can predict changes in the concentration of sulfur well in advance of other sulfur analyzers.

The analyzer has been installed outdoors without a booth and has a measuring range of 0-1,000 ppm. The precision obtained by the analyzer through tests performed daily by the laboratory have an accuracy of +/- 0.2% of the measuring range. During the three months of operation, no intervention or preventive or corrective maintenance has been required to deliver highly satisfactory results. In the end, CEPSA added the analyzer to the vendor list for all their plants.