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HDXRF approved for elemental analysis of soil and solid waste by new method – ASTM D8064-16

ALBANY, N.Y., Dec. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Newly published ASTM D8064-16 standard test method has been approved for the quantification of heavy metal elements in soil and solid waste by monochromatic Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry using multiple monochromatic excitation beams – also known as High-Definition X-ray Fluorescence (HDXRF). With a growing global demand for soil remediation and treatment, this new method has come at the right time providing an approved testing standard for the industry.

ASTM D8064 is applicable to various soil matrices for the determination of Cr, Ni, As, Cd, Hg, and Pb. These elemental species are widely used in many industrial processes and have been identified in many former industrial sites driving the need for a precise, fast, and easy method for testing on-site – that method is HDXRF.

“This new standard provides an approved method to deliver a more quantifiable analysis, whereas simple screening methods do not deliver the necessary detection performance required for many environmental applications,” stated Zewu Chen, Director of Advanced Technology Development for XOS.

According to Chen, the test method described in ASTM D8064 is already being used successfully for determining heavy metals in soil and solid waste, and fulfills industry needs.

XOS’s HD Rocksand®, powered by HDXRF, is a portable analyzer for onsite trace heavy metal analysis in soil and water. Offering much more than simple screening, HD Rocksand complies with EPA 6200 and ASTM D8064 as a quantitative testing solution. For more information, please visit visit our HD Rocksand page. XOS will be showcasing HD Rocksand at Battelle’s Ninth International Conference on Remediation & Management of Contaminated Sediments in New Orleans, January 9-12, at booth #309 -and- at Pittcon in Chicago, Illinois, March 5-9, at booth #1636.

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