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X-Ray Optics & Sources

X-Ray Optics & Sources
XOS is the leading global manufacturer of polycapillary optics and Doubly Curved Crystal (DCC) optics which significantly enhance the performance of X-ray analytical instruments for X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction analysis. XOS also offers a single-bounce monocapillary optic specifically for synchrotron beamline applications.

Our optics are amongst the most precise products manufactured anywhere in the world. We specialize in the development and manufacture of X-ray and neutron optics for the enhancement of applications, including material composition and thin film analysis; material stress, strain, structure, phase, and texture.

We partner with OEM instrument companies and end users to provide custom optic solutions to meet their varying analytical challenges. Our highly specialized proprietary software allows us to adjust a wide range of variables to create a theoretical optic design to meet each customer’s needs. We also offer comprehensive solutions like fleX-Beam and DCC X-Beam that integrate X-ray optics (polycapillary and monocapillary) with X-ray sources.

A Comprehensive X-ray Source and Optic Solution

Introducing fleX-Beam - XOS’ latest innovation for achieving optimized X-ray performance. fleX-Beam provides an excitation source aligned with a polycapillary optic that delivers unprecedented stability and an intensity up to 10,000 times greater than conventional pinhole collimators. This comprehensive solution is compact and easily integrates with any instrument or system.

fleX-Beam: XOS’ latest innovation for achieving optimized X-ray performance

Learn how fleX-Beam can improve your X-ray performance and help you realize a more efficient workflow.

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