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Multi Element Portable

Multi Element Portable
XOS offers multi-element XRF portable and handheld analyzers for industries like consumer products safety and environmental remediation. Powered by HDXRF, XOS analyzers can quantify and screen heavy metals, like lead in consumer goods and cadmium in rice and wheat. These industry-leading analyzers deliver direct measurement without the need for consumable gasses or sample conversion.

Consumer Products Safety
HD Mobile delivers trace multi-elemental analysis with operational flexibility. Easily switch between stationary and handheld analysis with a travel case for mobility: analyze toys, children’s products, electronics, and other consumer goods anywhere in the supply chain.

Powered by HDXRF technology, Cadence delivers best-in-class LOD for cadmum in soil below the China Agricultural regulation limit of 0.3 ppm. In addition, Cadence offers simultaneous measurement of other heavy metals like As, Pb, Cu, Ni and Se in soil and agricultural products, such as rice and wheat.

HD Rocksand was developed to meet the needs of users in the growing field of environmental remediation, and is the only solution with an approved standard test method delivering quantifiable analysis of heavy metals in the field.

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