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HD Rocksand

HD Rocksand
Series: 402176-02
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Easy to use

User-friendly interface and data management

Portable and lightweight

A lightweight, easy-to-carry portable test stand
• Snap-in sample rotator
• Handheld measurement capability

Multi-Element Analysis

Multi-element detection in soil and water; As, Cd, Hg, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, Ag, Zn, Ba

For use in multiple application areas

Environmental Risk Assessments of Soil and Water

Hassle-free sample prep

Reusable sample cups

What's in the box?

Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual, radiation survey, portable test stand with sample rotator, handheld analyzer and HIM (human interface module), cross-contamination analyzer cap (for soil), charger (100-250 AC, 1A), (2) batteries, AC power cord, travel carrying case, (3) NIST soil validation samples, (10) single open-ended sample cups, (1) pack of 100 polypropylene 12 µm sample films


Calibration curves: Fundamental Parameters
Catalysts: No
Communication Capabilities: Micro USB/USB, SD card
Consumable/Utility Gas: None
Dimensions: Depth: 10.0 in / 25.4 cm
Dimensions: Height: 14.9 in / 37.8 cm
Dimensions: Width: 8.6 in / 21.8 cm
Element: Element / ppm (Test Stand)
As 0.5
Cd 0.8
Hg 0.5
Cr 5.0
Cu 1.5
Ni 3.0
Pb 0.5
Sb 5.0
Se 0.4
Ag 2.0
Zn 1.0
Ba 15.0
(see brochure for more details)
Measurement Time: 10-600s
Method Name: ASTM D8064, EPA 6200
Range: See LOD chart in brochure
Sample Matrix: Soil, Water
Specific Technology: HDXRF
Test Stand: Yes
Type: Portable
Weight: 13.2 lbs / 6.0 kg
XRF Film Type: Prolene