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HD Mobile with Benchtop Test Stand

HD Mobile with Benchtop Test Stand
Series: 402176-03
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Easy to use

User-friendly interface and data management

Precise and efficient

The concentration of the toxic elements in the paint and the base materials are both reported separately.

Multi-Element Analysis

Multi-element detection in toys and children’s products for compliance with regulatory requirements of the CPSIA; Pb, Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Se, Br, and Cl

For use in multiple application areas

For use in factory production and lab environments, third-party test labs, retail, and regulatory applications.

Hassle-free sample prep

eliminates time-consuming paint removal and digestion steps, is nondestructive to the product, and won’t degrade the audit trail.

What's in the box?

Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual, radiation survey, validation samples kit, pack of 100 prolene sample film, pack of 100 sample cups, and pack of 50 foam tipped applicators.


Calibration curves: Fundamental Parameters
Catalysts: No
Communication Capabilities: Micro USB/USB, SD card
Concentration: In ppm: >100-450
Consumable/Utility Gas: None
Dimensions: Depth: 8.6 in / 21.8 cm
Dimensions: Height: 12.3 in / 31.2 cm
Dimensions: Width: 3.7 in / 9.4 cm
Measurement Time: 180-600s
Method Name: ASTM F2853, F2617, F963, RoHS, and EN-71
Range: Plastic Matrix (see brochure for full list of elements and LOD)
Al / 0.5ppm
Cl / 50.0ppm
Cr / 2.0ppm
Mn / 1.0ppm
Co / 1.0ppm
Ni / 1.0ppm
Cu / 1.0ppm
Zn / 1.0ppm
As / 0.3ppm
Se / 0.3ppm
Br / 0.3ppm
Sr / 1.0ppm
Cd / 2.0ppm
Sn / 5.0ppm
Sb / 6.0ppm
Ba / 8.0ppm
Ta / 2.0ppm
W / 1.0ppm
Au / 1.0ppm
Hg / 1.0ppm
Pb / 1.0ppm
Repeatability: Paint layer on plastic or metal
ppm - >100-450
r - 1.1272 · X0.7282
Reproducibility: Paint layer on plastic or metal
ppm - >100-450
0.5536 · X0.9217
Sample Matrix: Plastic / PVC, Metal, Wood, Glass, Textiles
Specific Technology: HDXRF
Type: Portable
Weight: 3.6 lbs / 1.6 kg
XRF Film Type: NA (Prolene support for thin films)