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ASTM D8064 Standard Test Method for Soil and Solid Waste

ASTM D8064 Standard Test Method for Elemental Analysis of Soil and Solid Waste by Monochromatic Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Using Multiple Monochromatic Excitation Beams (a.k.a. HDXRF)

HD Rocksand analyzer


The most important things you should know about a method are the scope, precision, and apparatus. This issue brief provides a quick breakdown of the newly published ASTM D8064 standard test method.


ASTM D8064 is applicable to various soil matrices for the determination of Cr, Ni, As, Cd, Hg, and Pb in the range of 1 to 5,000 mg/kg as listed in Table 1. The limit of detection for each element can also be found in Table 1. This test method is also applicable to other elements: Sb, Cu, Se, Ag, Tl, Zn, Ba, Au, Co, V, Fe, Mn, Mo, K, Rb, Sn, Sr, and Ti.

Table 1: LOD and Method Range
Element LOD (mg/kg) Method Range (mg/kg)
Cr 2.3 11 to 500
Ni 1.1 5 to 500
As 0.2 1 to 2000
Cd 0.4 2 to 100
Hg 0.4 2 to 100
Pb 0.6 3 to 5000



The performance of the test method can be judged by its precision. A soil sample from the Geneva Foundry site, where a retired air pollution control system indicated that lead and arsenic were likely emitted into the soil, was tested using XOS’ HD Rocksand®. This sample was tested 5 times - the mean results and relative standard deviation (RSD) for each element can be found in Table 2. In each case, the RSD was less than 8%.

Table 2: Geneva Foundry Recovery Data of Soil Sample (mean from 5 samples)
Element Mean (mg/kg) RSD (%)
Cr 82.4 4.3%
Ni 36.7 2.8%
As 12.0 7.5%
Cd Non Detect ----
Hg Non Detect ----
Pb 323.3 0.7%



Rocksand is a portable analyzer for applications such as soil, solid waste, water and plant measurements. Powered by HDXRF technology, Rocksand is the only solution with an approved standard test method for elemental quantification of heavy metals in the field. Rocksand complies with EPA 6200 for simple screening, as well as ASTM D8064 for quantitative analysis. This instrument delivers heavy metal detection and analysis below regulatory limits, particularly for elements like Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead and Mercury.

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