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Rapid Nutritional Formula Analysis

Quantify elemental content of infant formula and other nutritional powders

Nutritional powders are used for infant formula and nutritional supplements, and contain elemental macro and micro nutrients including copper, nickel, potassium and iron. These formulations are optimized for specific nutritional objectives, and the elemental nutrient content plays a vital role in the suitability for specific consumers. Manufacturers need assurance that the right ratio of elements and total concentrations are present to deliver the promise of these formulations. Curi delivers fast, easy-to-use elemental analysis wherever it is needed. From the lab to the manufacturing floor, Curi enables manufacturers to:

  • Quantify the concentration of iron, phosphorous, potassium, nickel, calcium, chlorine, and zinc
  • Measure either powders or pressed pellets for elemental content
  • Quickly determine if a formulation meets the nutritional standard applied to the product

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