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Heavy Metals in Surface Coatings on Textiles

Heavy Metal Surface Coatings and Textiles

ASTM F2853-10 supports coatings on textiles, however, the Inter Laboratory Study supporting this method, included only two Pb in Paint on Textile samples. In order to reinforce the applicability of this method for a wider range of Pb concentrations in coatings on textiles, as well as to demonstrate results for other heavy metals the following study was performed.

Three different doped paints were applied to cotton cloth and measured multiple times with XOS HD Prime™ Analyzers. At the same time, the same paints were applied to glass, dried and scrapped off, and then measured by multiple labs with wet chemistry methods. Data below supports, very good repeatability and high consistency with ICP results. Scraping the paint off of the fabric and then measuring with ICP would of course be very difficult and would certainly affect the consistency of the ICP results (fabric fibers in the paint, etc). This inherent disadvantage of using wet chemistry to quantify heavy metals in surface coatings of textiles, combined with the precision of F2853-10 and the data below, supports the advantages of HDXRF for coatings on textiles.