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Benefits of HDXRF for Jewelry Heavy Metal Compliance Testing

Jewelry Lead, Cadmium, and Nickel are three of the most common heavy elements concerning the jewelry industry today. Whether complying with an ASTM safety specification like F2999-13 or F2923-11, a state guideline like Prop65, or just producing a quality brand, testing for and ensuring that these and other hazardous heavy elements are not present in a company’s products are of utmost importance to protect the customer as well as the company name.

However, extensive third party testing can quickly run the testing budget dry. So, what is the best way to ensure, with a high degree of assurance, that your products are safe and do not contain high concentrations of hazardous heavy metals? On-site first party testing as part of a production testing plan is one great option. While there is a higher capital expenditure up front, having your own testing equipment allows your company to test more products more often but without increasing third party laboratory testing costs.