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Excitation Systems: fleX-Beam™

fleX BeamThe new XOS fleX-Beam™ maintains the performance of the well-known X-Beam while delivering a new level of flexibility: in design, integration, and serviceability. The fleX-Beam provides an excitation source aligned with industry-leading polycapillary optics that deliver unprecedented stability and intensity. The fully integrated solution is compact and easily integrates into any instrument or system.

The fleX-Beam platform provides fully-integrated X-ray beam solutions including an air-cooled X-ray source coupled to a focusing or collimating polycapillary optic. The flexible system design enables seamless exchanges of X-ray sources or different optics with easy field-alignment to provide consistent performance. The compact size and stability of the beam intensity allow for easy integration of the fleX-Beam, which reduces time-to-market for cutting edge, new instrument designs.

The fleX-Beam is available in several standard focused or collimated beam configurations and performance packages; it can also be customized to specific beam applications.

fleX-Beam Models:

Type Applications
fleX-Beam focusing XRF, in-situ and in-line process monitoring, small particle analysis, film and plating thickness, elemental mapping
fleX-Beam collimating Powder diffraction applications such as texture, stress, and strain measurements

General Features of fleX-Beam:

Nominal Output Power 50W, cables customized
Ambient Operating Temperature 5° – 60° C
Cooling Mode Integrated forced air
Targets Cr, Cu, Mo, Rh, W

X-Beam Model:

Model Type Applications
Superflux™ MF Monochromatic focusing XRF, in-situ and in-line process monitoring, small particle analysis, elemental mapping, thin film metrology