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X-Ray Optics and Excitation Systems

XOS develops and manufactures X-ray and neutron optics for material composition and thin film analysis

X-ray optics and OEM sub-systems

XOS specializes in the development and manufacture of X-ray and neutron optics for enhancement of applications including material composition and thin film analysis; and material stress, strain, structure, phase, and texture. XOS is the leading global manufacturer of Capillary Optics (including Focusing Optics and Collimating Optics) and Doubly Curved Crystal (DCC) Optics which enhance the performance of X-ray and neutron analytical instrumentation, including X-ray fluorescence, X-ray and neutron diffraction, and electron beam systems.

XOS partners with OEM instrument companies and end users to provide custom optic solutions to analytical challenges. Highly specialized proprietary software allows XOS to adjust a wide range of variables to create a theoretical optic design to meet each customer’s needs. Experience has demonstrated very close correlation between these theoretical design simulations and the actual optic performance. The optics are crafted with the highest quality materials. After each optic leaves the controlled manufacturing areas, our engineers thoroughly test and document its performance. XOS optics are among the most precise products manufactured anywhere in the world.

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