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Consumer Products Safety

Consumer Products Safety

Confidently Test Consumer Products for Regulated Elements

The precision of “wet chemistry” in minutes.

High Definition XRF analyzers offer unprecedented levels of detection of lead, cadmium, and other potentially toxic heavy metals in toys, apparel, electronics and other consumer goods.

Comply with ASTM F2853-10 and F2617. Screen and quantify lead and other restricted elements at levels well below CPSIA mandates, and easily document compliance to CPSIA and to stringent RoHS, F963 and EN-71 standards.

HDXRF technology offers a quantum leap in consumer product safety compliance. HDXRF delivers levels of accuracy and detection that far exceed traditional XRF analysis.

HD Prime

HD Prime Benchtop Analyzer

 Accurate. Easy to use. Non-destructive.

  • Easily and simultaneously distinguish coating and substrate layer readings
  • Analyze spot areas of 1mm for testing small features or components and irregular shapes
  • Complies with ASTM F2853 and F2617
HD Mobile Portable Analyzer

HD Mobile Portable Analyzer

The accuracy of HDXRF technology with portable convenience and flexibility.

  • Simultaneous analysis of coating and substrate
  • Pinpoint analysis plus ability to capture high-resolution sample image
  • Complies with ASTM F2853, F2617, F963, RoHS and EN-71

Handheld HDXRF analyzers and benchtop HDXRF analyzers offer:

  • Multi-element detection compliant with ASTM F2853-10, the CPSIA-approved method for the quantification of lead in substrates and coatings
  • Limits of detection well below CPSIA mandates, so you can be confident in the results
  • An analysis area of 1-mm for testing of small features and irregular shapes
  • Separate and simultaneous analysis of coating and substrate
  • Rapid, precise screening to allow for more testing in less time
  • Sensitivity and accuracy of wet chemistry without destroying the product
  • Versatile functionality for use across the supply chain from the manufacturer to warehouses and retailers

Applications include:

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