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ASTM Subcommittee Vote on ASTM 2853 as an Alternative Total Screen Method

Last month, immediately following the ICPHSO Annual Meeting in Washington DC, there was an ASTM Subcommittee F15.22 meeting on Toy Safety held at the law offices of Keller and Heckman. The meeting was well attended by representatives from third party test labs, toy manufacturers, Health Canada, and the CPSC. One of the agenda items discussed was in the Heavy Metals working group led by Don Mays: a proposal of HDXRF as an alternative total screen method for all 8 heavy elements regulated by the F963 standard in an effort to reduce third party test burdens.

There were a few negatives discussed at the meeting which were addressed by a CPSC lab chemist both in a written letter as well as in person. The negatives were determined non-persuasive by a 2/3 live vote at the subcommittee level. These negatives are now out for electronic ballot at the main committee level.

If you are an F15 voting member, please vote before April 15th. If you agree with the negative arguments, vote “negative.” If you agree with the subcommittee vote that the negatives are non-persuasive, vote “affirmative.”