Confidently Test Consumer Products for Regulated Elements with High Definition XRF Analyzers

The precision of “wet chemistry” in 5-minutes.

Quote-with-marksHigh Definition XRF analyzers offer unprecedented levels of detection of lead, cadmium, and other potentially toxic heavy metals in toys, apparel, electronics and other consumer goods.

Comply with ASTM F2853-10 and F2617. Screen and quantify lead and other restricted elements at levels well below CPSIA mandates, and easily document compliance to CPSIA and to stringent RoHS, F963 and EN-71 standards.

Baby_main-pageHDXRF technology offers a quantum leap in consumer product safety compliance. HDXRF delivers levels of accuracy and detection that far exceed traditional XRF analysis.

Handheld HDXRF analyzers and benchtop HDXRF analyzers offer:

  • Multi-element detection compliant with ASTM F2853-10, the CPSIA-approved method for the quantification of lead in substrates and coatings
  • Limits of detection well below CPSIA mandates, so you can be confident in the results
  • An analysis area of 1-mm for testing of small features and irregular shapes
  • Separate and simultaneous analysis of coating and substrate
  • Rapid, precise screening to allow for more testing in less time
  • Sensitivity and accuracy of “wet chemistry” without destroying the product
  • Versatile functionality for use across the supply chain from the manufacturer to warehouses and retailers

Applications include:

  • Lead testing in toys
  • Lead paint testing
  • Cadmium and lead testing in jewelry
  • Precious metals testing
  • Apparel testing
  • RoHS compliance
  • QA/QC manufacturer testing

Deploy HDXRF technology wherever you need dependable analysis:

HD Prime™ continues to set the standard for precision analysis as the only HDXRF analyzer for the compliance laboratory.

HD Mobile™ brings the unprecedented precision of HDXRF to product and component analysis anywhere in the consumer supply chain.